We opened ‘L'Oste Scuro’ as a fish trattoria on 28th March 1998 after having been inspired by Parisian brasseries serving raw vegetables (‘crudités’), seafood platters (eg. ‘plateau royal’) and a small range of fish dishes which all had two things in common: they were simple and of good quality.

That’s how things have been ever since and will always be at ‘L’Oste Scuro’, even though, over the years, we have somewhat increased our fish knowledge mainly thanks to advice from our customers and suppliers as well as from fellow restaurant owners.

‘L’Oste Scuro’ has now grown from a trattoria into a proper restaurant combining quality with a nice range of dishes, but still maintaining the type of welcoming, friendly and informal atmosphere people associate with trattorias.

Exposed beams; exposed late 18th-century brickwork; inner walls painted in warm colours; oak floor. Tables covered with green-and-mustard tablecloths which enhance the vivid hues of our Caleca crockery. Splendid paintings by Andrea Padovani on the walls. All these features contribute to a welcoming, informal, even romantic atmosphere which is as ideal for a relaxing evening out as it is for a business meal.